Society: This is Why I Shout


I just walked into the disabled loo in my office – yes I know this is frowned upon, but it has a full-length mirror – and overheard a conversation between two men outside the door. The first comment I heard … Continue reading

Photography: Weep Not By Day

Weep Not By Day 3

Dorrell Merritt, a friend of Arran Gregory (the dude who designed the little birdies on this site) got in touch recently to ask me to consider a review of his graduate photography project. Weep Not By Day is a display of, as Dorrell … Continue reading

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Blog: UniLad. Ohhh Dear.


Ah, University. Three years of Pro Plus, unfeasible deadlines and flat pound pints in the SU. Happy days. Where once school filled you with nameless dread, University was a gleaming bastion of openness, new ideas and experiences. You emerge older … Continue reading

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Society: Unilad and rape jokes – who’s laughing?


Unilad: where banter goes to die. Continue reading

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