Arts & Culture: The Great Gatsby


Guest post by Nadia Ramoul I have agonized for weeks now over reviewing Baz Luhrmann’s version of Gatsby. The hours have crawled by as I stare, almost defeated, at a cold, blank Word sheet. The glaring white taunts me, laughing … Continue reading

Arts & Culture: David Bowie Is

bowie bolt2

Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation for the past few months you will have invariably heard the hype surrounding the new David Bowie Is exhibition at the V&A. You may well be thinking that it couldn’t possibly live up … Continue reading

Arts & Culture: Smirnoff Vodka, #YoursForTheMaking Event


Guest post by Nadia Ramoul  When you’re invited to an evening of free vodka and snacks you don’t turn it down, hoooo no. In this weather anything to keep the blood pumping is welcomed with open arms and empty glasses. You … Continue reading

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Culture: Rob Delaney at the Soho Theatre


Guest post by Nadia Ramoul  Rob Delaney is a funny guy. A seriously funny guy. If someone on your Twitter feed hasn’t RT’d a couple of his peons to Adele or ‘quotes’ from Mitt Romney then truly you have earned … Continue reading

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Arts & Culture: Ignore The Haters, Watch Girls


UK telly lovers, if like me  you are getting progressively more fed up with auto-tuned X-Factor contestants and their sob-stories, you’ll be pleased to know that the brilliant and funny HBO show Girls is coming to Sky Atlantic this month. If … Continue reading

Arts & Culture: Downtown LA’s emerging art scene

Ty Pownall

LA LA Land, Tinseltown, The City of Angels. Whatever you want to call it, LA seems to provoke a love or hate reaction from most people. On the one hand it’s got great weather, awesome burgers and hyper-attentive service (sometimes … Continue reading

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Arts & Culture: Jonny Briggs


Saatchi Gallery’s ‘New Sensations’ 2011 prize winner Jonny Briggs is a photographer who reworks portraits from his childhood into a series of strange and, at times, terrifying images of domestic life. Continue reading